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The  BFSolar gamma is a system powered by submersible pump, photovoltaic panels and a switchboard controller. This system is adjustable and compatible with customer s'pecific needs and environment . Our system is prepared to operate in case of there is no sun, in that case it connects to generator or mains electricity to work continuously.

The controller suplies the energy to BFSolar pumps at 3X 230VCA for motors 0.37KW -2.2KW and 3X400VCA for motors the 3KW -110KW . This system adapts to all water pumping configurations. It work either in automatic mode or hybrid mode. This controller was tested in different weathert conditions, such as high winds, dust, temperature of 45ºC, as well as, in the case of the components exceed its operating temperature (70ºC), the internal switch is activated to make an automatic stop decreasing the risk of degradation of components.

The gamma BFSolar performs a water extraction up to 480meters deep, and flow rate of 0.2 to 120 m3/h adaptable to any metrological conditions.

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