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The current and well-known Britefil - Fábrica Nacional de Bombas, SA was founded in the 60's, at that time called 'José de Brito Júnior', name of its Founder and was initially a company dedicated to the commercialization and maintenance of daisies, typically Algarvian) for the capture of water, providing this type of service throughout the Algarve region.

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In a post-25th of April, with the entry of the 1st child in the company in the year 1975, this is changed to 'Brito & Filho, Lda.', However it is in February 1979 that 'Britefil, Lda.' Appears with the introduction of the daughter in the family business and the change of facilities. This decade is also marked by the development of the first vertical axis water pumps.

With the need to develop technologically, Britefil, Lda. Bets on the constant innovation and quality of its services as factors of differentiation and is in the 80s that produces the first submersible pump, the BF 13, all stainless steel (AISI 304; AISI 316). Subsequently, the models BF 21 and BF 35 were followed, all of which were labeled according to their maximum flow, which still maintain the same characteristics and characteristics. By quickly conquering the domestic market with its water pumps, Britefil, Lda. Felt it should improve its water collection service by investing in rotating and compressed air machines.


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In 1992, Britefil, Lda. Invests in the foreign market, being the first exportation to Spain and Syria, followed by Belgium, Italy and Cyprus already in 1994. It was also in the 90's that Britefil, Lda. new models BF 4 and BF 5.5 (among others) to meet the needs of the market and its customers.

In 1999, Britefil, Lda. Expands its factory betting on a new layout and top machinery, in order to increase productivity and ensure a high quality product.

In addition to its main activity, Britefil, Lda. Continued to demonstrate its capacity in the drilling and water catchment, being heavily installed in the Algarve region.

With the entry into the new millennium, 'Britefil, Lda.' Becomes 'Britefil, S.A.' on May 9, 2003.
Believing in all its potential and in the continued development & technological innovation, Britefil, S.A. creates 8 new models of submersible pumps.


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In 2008, Britefil, S.A. is certified by the quality standard NP EN ISO 9001, certification resulting from its success and compliance with all requirements.

In 2012, Britefil, S.A. creates a new family of products entirely in stainless steel and presents three new models of multicellular vertical pumps.


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In the year 2014, Britefil, S.A., is applying to the Incentive Systems of QREN, within the scope of Qualification and Internationalization of SMEs, being one of the companies contemplated.

With a successful and stabilized production area, the year 2016 is marked by the development and implementation of new horizontal pump models.



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